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by Nimlin 248 views


Default Avatar Glavin

Wasn't quite sure what was going on in this film, but nice work getting a horse in it!

Fun revenge with big sword theft and probably beheading. Pretty relaxed production.

The bullying gets established early on through a military camp, before we come back to the present where a domestic situation forces a family apart. The father (Bobby Young) sets to the booze, but there are some police officers who still hold just a bit more than a grudge against him. The film came together well.

Lots of effort in this film in terms of locations, people and props. Seemed like all of Otaki came out to help.

This film was a blast. Loved the special effects. Well shot. Excellent story. It got my 2points!

Making fun of domestic violence is risky but they pulled it off, lots of awkward giggles that turned into genuine laughter.

can't write a review about my own film. but i can thank my cast and crew for a job well done. and remember what i said about your mother. laughter is the best medicine unless you are diabetic, then insulin is up there. the army thing between nitro and us was pure coincidence.i stopped playing in jokes a few years back. What was the horse and rider doing in our movie? for those of you familiar with dioclentian postmodernist deconstructionalism the answer will be obvious. for those who remain in ignorance i will explain: the horse and rider are a dynamically conjoined metaphor foreshadowing all that Bobby Young was to lose through his aggressive patriarchal phallocentric bullying ie the control of animal instinctual drives in a balanced ephiphany of grace.....oh alright - the horse was in the movie because he said if he didn't get a starring role he would shit on our lunch.

A former bully, a military man, abuses his wife and then, homeless, steals back a possession critical in his former life only to suffer the consequences of his previous misdeeds. Some nice shots in there (ie girl in fire), great use of a horse and some splendid cooperation from the Otaki police added to this film. Got some audience laughs but I couldn’t quite figure out its intentions.

I'm back in the heats with Nimlin. Cool. Great production values and like every intro in this heat they had a better one than my team. I was interested to see that both Nimlin and Nitro had military service as a core part- I was wondering if that was a challenge between the two teams? Anyway this short had some great moments- the comeuppence and twist with the policeman were great. It also had moments of confusion for me as well- the girl dancing in the fire, the woman riding through the forest. Still I probably liked it more because of these. A well made short.

Default Avatar crazymark

I found parts of this didn't make sense like with the horse? but great that you managed to get a horse in it! I didn't see what part the horse and the lady were meant to have in the film. Great twist at the end though. good work

This film was a blast. Loved the special effects. Well shot. Excellent story. It got my 2points!

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