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Real China

by Kappa Patrol 220 views


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The jokes were great and genuinely funny. I was eagerly looking forward to the rest of the film. However, I'm not so sure what the film makers wanted to show. there was a whole lot of walking for a significant portion of the film. I suppose the makers put it there to make it look like a typical crime movie. This was not required and the movie would have been a lot better without some of these meaningless sequences.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Although very roughly made this crime film had some pretty nice dry humor in it though the endless walking to suspenseful music dragged on just a little bit too long the first time around. The story is fairly weak, more of a revenge film then a crime film if you think about it but that doesn't matter and the dry wit keeps the film entertaining. If this team works on it's story telling and production values I can see them doing really well next year... if they enter.

Default Avatar Odd Bob

There were some laughs and I liked the beach location, but the footage was very low quality (wonder what camera they used?) and it dragged during the walking scenes. Despite this, the team definitely showed creativity and originality and I'd like to see what they could achieve with more experience/better equipment.

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Default Avatar TheBlackSheep

What a douche^, Raised some good points though. Love the black dude though, beat up that pussy guy in the pink shirt. Still not bad from a Teen team

Default Avatar TheBlackSheep

And i love the Shark sign on the beach,

Despite only being at it for the second year, Kappa Patrol has really stuck with me as a team I remember well, because of the sheer absurdity of their films. Last year's offering, True Hauntings, was a film I really loved, because it was (possibly unintentionally) a clever parody of Ghostbusters. I loved the style of it, the age of the actors was hillariously innapropriate and there were some fantastic one liners that were so cheesy and over the top that everyone laughed and loved them. This year, Kappa Patrol went for something a bit more original and not as closely tied to a particular film or story, and lost a bit of that parody vibe that I thought True Hauntings had. There was still plenty of wildly age innapropriate acting, and some funny scenes, but where True Hauntings was short and sweet, Real China was a little bit too long, and the jokes were thinned out by periods where nothing was happening (yes, I thought the walking scene was far too long and pointless). That said, the film still got a lot of laughs, and I'm looking forward to their work next year. I think Kappa Patrol is a great contender for Best Bad Film and the guys are great at it. Perhaps if they get a bit of time before next year, some pratice with another story would be good. Cheeze up the lines a bit more, add some continuity issues, make it really clear that it's a parody of a serious film, and I think they'll do something amazing.

double post, sorry.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Nigel Steele hunts for the Bobby Young character who is running an illegal trade in Real China products (teapots etc). Some wonderfully age inappropriate acting in this film that added to the humour. It appeared that Nigel could only walk in a straight line/one direction regardless of what was in his way be it a table or a wheelie bin but when he can't get over a fence he suddenly goes around it. This was never explained but I thought it was funny anyway. I loved the enthusiasm of this team and it would be my vote for best worst film. I see this as a good thing because it means you have the kernel of some real talent that will just take some more practice and experience to bring it out. Good effort and I look forward to your film next year.

That guy sure walked a long time! I kind of liked this one, it was pretty good for a teen team effort. I understand the long walk was a gag, not bad editing, but the actor just didn't have the comic timing needed to sell the funny. I honestly can't remember if you used the required elements well, sorry. I did like the intro:)

Default Avatar movie credic

I saw this movie in the heats and i also saw this young teams effort from last year (youtube) and i think that last years movie was much better. ''real china'was a poor effort and sucked so bad i almost got up and left the cinema. although the other movies that came after it in the heat made up for this ones poof performance. I think that the director better get his hand out of his ass net year if they ever want to improve.

Had high hopes for this short after the few opening shots... The unnecessary slapping of the bound prisoner? Awesome. They should have kept this black humour up throughout the film. The young actors trying to act out older characters was great. But the sound quality meant it was hard to follow the dialogue and hence the story. However a tighter script would have resulted in a better build up of tension to the climax. The team obviously has a good depth of original movie nous. And with some improvements to editing and scripting could genuinely be a contender. Unfortunately not this time...

Default Avatar womanpants

Oh, self-indulgent children... Someone's seen too many cliche drug films.

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