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Somebody Someone Farksake

16 Reviews


Roots and Romance

Nicely done and quite funny. The lead was charming and enjoyable to watch and the songs were enjoyable. A really well done musical, you could tell all involved had a lot of fun making it (as demonstrated by the back up dancers in the final scene). This film was at it's best when the cast were singing. My only real critiques were a few shot choices in the dental clinic, and the syncing of the music was way off in a lot of places, though this was overcome with some clever costuming in one scene. A few technical issues as well. Definitely one of the best of the evening.

Travellin Boozeman

A lot of this film was really well shot (the opening shot wow!). Was funny in places and the audience really seemed to enjoy it. Not so sure about the story itself seemed somewhat limited and the character of Vic was really shoe horned in at the end. My major gripe though is that it really pushes what you can qualify as a musical, as all that is involved as far as musical is concerned is some of the film is narrated by a guy playing a guitar (possibly Vic?). Overall though a very enjoyable film.

Forever Friend

One of my favourites of the night, nicely shot (really liked the time lapse shots) and the story was very sweet with a nice/unexpected payoff at the end. The acting was very nice as well.The audience seemed to enjoy it a lot too and was a great way to kick off the evening. Too bad it seemed a bit dark but that was more to do with the levels in the theater than the film itself. The concept of immobilized though doesn't come across very well, while watching I assumed it was to do with the ending but I was told later that it was the relationship between the two characters and one being in the "friendzone" was how the character was immobilized, execution needed a bit of work. The opening shot was nice with the car but made the film a bit confusing. Overall though really nice work.

Making Up Lost Time

One of the better films of the night. This film really embraced the character of Vic Meyer the insomniac and for the most part was very well shot, I really enjoyed the closeups showing his shifts in perception. Unfortunately for me the film just didn't sit right, the acting was inconsistent especially by the lead who in some parts was fantastic but in others seemed disinterested. A big let down, (and I feel bad for them about it) was the scene with the police. The police uniforms got a big laugh from the audience (not intentionally funny either). They were so bad that they really took you out of the story and made the final scene a lot less dramatic. A very competent film but with just a few issues that let it down.


Probably the most challenging genre but pulled off very nicely. It was a cute story but a little boring in places. Was very easy to follow though and considering there was no dialogue they should be very proud of that (I wonder how many other films would be as easy to follow if you ripped out there dialogue). Acting was well done. There were a few issues with shots and lighting (but i think that was at least partly because of over exposure on the screen). The sound effects peaked a few times which kind of grated more than helped tell the story. A good example of what can be achieved when you are put into a corner by your genre.

Jump Start

Hilarious This was a fun story. The two main actors were good and there were plenty of great physical and cheesy special effects jokes (fist from the grave and the hit and run). A few shots were a bit inconsistent but considering the limited number of team members it worked out really well, great work in the editing sweet. A few issues with sound and lighting here and there but an entertaining romp definitely one of the better films of the night.

We Run The Night

My favourite film of the night, based purely on how it looked. The shots in this were beautiful and the decision to have the entire thing in reverse made for some spectacular visuals. This is a great example of how to do a non dialogue film. My only real critique is that the line of dialogue was very much shoe horned in, and even in reverse the story was a little too simple. Overall though a great watch.