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by Decile One 444 views


I really liked the feel of this film. It was well cast and fairly well acted. I liked the cinematography in parts though I suspect we had some projector issues interferring with the brightness (?). I was nervous / excited for you with the non-dialogue genre, and though the story felt a bit weak it picked up toward the end

Probably the most challenging genre but pulled off very nicely. It was a cute story but a little boring in places. Was very easy to follow though and considering there was no dialogue they should be very proud of that (I wonder how many other films would be as easy to follow if you ripped out there dialogue). Acting was well done. There were a few issues with shots and lighting (but i think that was at least partly because of over exposure on the screen). The sound effects peaked a few times which kind of grated more than helped tell the story. A good example of what can be achieved when you are put into a corner by your genre.

Default Avatar pooptoast

This film was a pleasant surprise, throughout the movie the idea really grew on me. Furthermore, the direction was more unique than I imagine others will be and overall this group did a very good job of a difficult genre However, the lighting in parts was quite off, but that could have been assisted by the projector.

Default Avatar Bone in my beard

My highlight. Perfect and decisive sound design. A treat. Nice casting, nice delivery of time, character, colour, place and structure. Outtathepark! Kudos to director Serena Chen and her team of workaholics for this tight, tidy little wonder. Blessings.

Default Avatar ProblemSir

Wow. What a good looking film. You're lighting was clearly excellent. I also liked the characters - and this is quite a compliment for a non-dialogue film. What I would have to mark it down on is substance to the story. I felt that not all that much happened/was explored in your film. Also the plot in the film seemed to be quite to be quite basic, yet not always explained carefully. For example I still have no idea why your main character decided to go on a tea drinking rampage for some girl she doesn't know. None the less kept me interested and was an enjoyable watch.

Veeery interesting film. I definitely liked your decision to foreground the genre. Your cinematography, particularly your lighting was very effective throughout, and a good soundscape was created. I did feel that the story was slightly unclear at times, and perhaps tended a little weak and slow-paced at times. But there was definitely a good premise here, and for the most part - I think you carried it out well. Bravo.

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