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Somebody Someone mafu

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Clap On

Salvador Dalek


Fad Bust

Fun, probably my fave in the heat. Really liked the acting from the lead guy he really carried it.

Last Chapter First

Nicely shot and lit and I really liked the shot around the writer to his hand holding the gun, maybe a bit too serious (but that's just me). A bit obvious I thought.

Blood from a Stone

Wonderfully silly - good performance from the lead actor (not the rock, the other one :-))

Unspecified Search Engine

Nice effort shame about the DQ. A couple of good gags and decent performances from your actors

Playin' the Game

Good effort - could have been clearer with the ending, it was a bit rushed. Bit of a mix on the acting - some really good, some.... not so much :-)


Really nice film, well shot, cool idea and decent acting. My favourite in heat 1

The Vocation

Technically good, probably the best in the heat on that score but the story didn't really carry me along