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Blood from a Stone

by Four Kitchens 175 views


the weird thing about this one is that it's borrowing from heaps of movies (eg. sesevenen... mostly just that actually) but none of them are splatstick so it doesn't have that classic splatstick vibe. but there's plenty of gore and it's funny enough so in my professional opinion it qualifies! (plus it has the obligatory visible blood-hose at one point) plays out as a cop procedural spoof that has heaps of great puns and a fantastic visual gag in the finale. there's a lot that i liked here: it's got probably the most effectively signposted flashback i've ever seen in the comp (slap a school uniform on the actor and apply a b&w filter... boom) and has the SICKEST zooms (of heats 1 and 2 anyway, but they're pretty hard to beat so i'm gonna prematurely call them the SICKEST zooms in hamilton 2018)

Default Avatar LuckyDude

Must confess I actually thought the "rock" concept was a bit dumb at the beginning but it was worth sticking with it it just for the final scene joke!

Default Avatar Xenia

This film had some pretty amusing gags throughout. I feel like it didn't really do the splatstick genre justice though. I did enjoy the paper/rock ending however.

Wonderfully silly - good performance from the lead actor (not the rock, the other one :-))

Default Avatar Iliketurtles

I really liked it. It was well shot, the acting was great and I thouroughly enjoyed the ending. I thought the team did a fantastic job in 48 hours especially with the original song, which got stuck in my head after. Yas

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