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by Taktix Films 44 views


unique take on the monster genre - an allegory on accepting others' differences. this is a really slick production, pretty much as good as it gets in 48 hours. REALLY loved the puddle shot - great example of integrating the required elements with storytelling. the monster costume is really cool too - has a homemade vibe but fits in with the polished nature of everything else. sorry to say it though, too saccharine for my taste!

Default Avatar James Brunskill

Excellent Monster in this film. Loved the foley as he walked around too. Really gave the impression he was big! The young actress was a bit of a stand out too, she did a great job of delivering her lines and looked so happy with her new found colour powers. Felt the "don't over look someone because they are different" theme was a bit strong, but the voice over was well delivered and well written.

Really nice film, well shot, cool idea and decent acting. My favourite in heat 1

Default Avatar Dr Wilson

Nice film by this team. The little girl was amazing in this film and needs applause on her portrayal of her character. this is defiantly not the type of film I expected in this genre, it is always good to have a twist on a genre but I personally prefer the classic type of monster movie such as Nosferatu. Nicely shot and edited. Did not have a distinctive door slam

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