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Walcom to New Zillund

by Ugly Fruit

A speculative insight into the true story of when a high profile KGB spy was stationed in Wellington.


This is BRILLIANT. A twist on a true story is tough. tonnes of in jokes. A period piece film. It's a such a shame the filmmakers will probably fall down 3 flights of stairs before this film can screen.

Oh I am a sucker for anything 80's so you've got big marks from me. I thought this was a brilliant interpretation of a true story. It had good world building, great acting, looked really good and was paced very well.

The only thing that would hold this film from potentially being a city finalist or shortlist would be the lack of intensity towards the end in the sound design. It would've given that final push to an otherwise well polished film.

I think this is a team that has the capability of becoming a future city finalist in Welly. :)

A very slick and hillarious retro premise with style. Nicely shot and edited from the intro to the ultimate showdown. The best secret weapon, In what looked to be period accurate packaging? Great work!

You lost me at '1985' with the clearly visible PWC Building in one shot and Te Papa in another. If you're going to go period piece then go all out, and I'm not going to give a pass mark just because you were going silly in tone.

For me this was pretty funny and the costuming fit the time period but it had no real depth to it.

This film made me chuckle and the mind-reading scenes had me in stitches. Great concept and overall vibe - the only critical thing that I have to mention is the audio mix! Unfortunately I struggled to hear most of the dialogue / internal thoughts of the characters during the Wellington finals, which was a shame, as there was some fantastic dialogue in there. Overall strong film that was let down a little by the technical gremlin that is audio.

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