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The Winds de la Séance

by Popecar

Four old friends and former goths reunite for one more séance.


*Technically a summoning not a seance

Really fun film here playing on a classic reunion scenario where a summoning led to a possession via mystery film where the tainted needed to be identified ala THE THING. No musical in sight here!

I liked your setup that felt playful in vibe along the lines of similar scenes from BEETLEJUICE and BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY as the bravado characters became clearly definable not just via their dialogue but by clearly defined traits which relied on very good performances from all 4 on screen.

The ramping up to violence felt like a good way to raise the stakes and the conclusion was satisfying.

I thought technically really good all around, but the location (and I get you work with what you have in this comp) left quite a bit to be desired. Enjoyed this though, thank you.

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