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The Hatchling

by Outcasts


Whilst I'm normally pretty consistent at criticizing teams for doing films in 48 that have kind of been done before...fuck it I don't care, I LOVED this one from Outcasts as a moa dna infused giant chicken wrecked absolute havoc on Palmerston North.

We've got it all here from your classic mad scientist film; great laboratory location, aged professor and the younger technicians giving us contrast between supposed wisdom and the excitement of science experimentation, and then visual gags for days.

Technically really slick, nice camerawork, clean edit, good sound, and enjoyable vfx though the highlight was definitely the claw prints. Absolute comedy gold.

Even some topical kiwi humour which I very much appreciated.

I kept thinking to myself this is so fun but ultimately so derivative and then you brought my back around with an absolutely killer ending that elevated the film. What a blast.

Clearly the best film in the heat, The Hatchling had me laughing out loud.

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