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Tale of the Rolling Wanderer

by Honey, I 8Ked the Kids

A quiet night in a tavern, nestled deep in the woods. A group of adventurers are drinking and playing games. The door bursts open to reveal a strange traveler. What mysteries await?


I'm inventing a new award-category, "team happiest to get 'fantasy film'"! This was a real treat to watch, and seems to be from a debut team? Constantly entertaining, glorious mise-en-scene, and a delightful twist on the DnD cliche. The story is succinct, sweet and distinctive. I suspect it will be a city-finalist - it deserves it.

People get butt hurt about review scores which is why I'm not using them this year, but I'll just say I was very surprised to see this on the Wellington shortlist, incredible costumes and all.

This is because firstly from a cinematography POV a significant amount of the film was slightly out of focus (rewatched the heat again today given youtube link was still up and I stand by this) and whilst lighting was killer the grade didn't really make the film pop much, for me.

DND films this year are genuinely becoming a chore to sit through. And then if you're going to go with office comedy in 48 you had better bring something bloody original to elevate your film. This did not, for me.

Yeah, I'm with steelpotato on this - pretty tried of the DND style films this year; along with psychics in tents/cabins and wizards with fake beards. Great set, lighting, costumes, props (apart from the modern playing cards) and ears of course. But soooo bog standard even if it does do a fantasy shift to a modern office setting. Not sure if the ending makes any sense either.

Great job in being shortlisted though!

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