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by Talking in Timecodes


A slow burn beginning that pays off in a big way. Well done Talking in Timecodes this was a really good film. Technically strong and your story built unease really nicely, disgustingly gory effects and killer performances. Literally wanted to vomit when I watched it. I think the ending would've landed better if you sped up the disclosure credits. Come back next year!

So many wellington teams this year are just going flat out in the splatter.

What a joy, I feel bad for the ones that have to clean up though. Worth it, 100%. Looks awesome. You guys did a great job on the prosthetics too!

besides the look of the film, the story it self has a good message about people trying attain that body... even if it kills you.

at the same time it also reflects how much impact social media can affect us.

to conclude..

Bloody amazing.


RS Productions

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