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Magic Mic

by Goo Productions

A travelling magician buys an unusual van with mystical abilities.


Be careful what you wish for, especially when a $20 van turns out to be way too good to be true. This was a blast, a simple idea done exceptionally well as a doorway to another dimension coupled with exquisite comic timing and strong direction meant this got a big well deserved audience reaction in the Wellington heats.

I liked the theme of opportunism you had running throughout, as the deal of a lifetime for a travelling magician was only a part of his grandiose plan. Save money? Sure, but make money is really where it is at in this economy and at $2 profit per silly show consequences be damned.

Really great physical performance by your lead who knew all his right angles to make this silly magician work with butt thrusting and facial expressions that were nuanced and sold the show.

Keeping it believable in a gravelly capital carpark complete with graffiti was smart as it allowed the film to stay laser focused on its intriguing transporting concept that nailed this year's 'exit' element.

I thought you were a contender for incredibly strange before you took us to hell, but that BIGGER LONGER & UNCUT devil will have you right in the running for that award.

Framing solid, only thing from a cinematography pov that would stop this competing at the business end would be the lack of a strong colour grade. Editing really good and sound whilst not the best in the comp was clear and at a good level for hearing the creative dialogue.

Overall I loved this. Dark horse already for best Wellington performer for sure.

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