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by Bus Stop Productions

A young hiker encounters a mysterious old collector who engages her in a guessing game, but doesn't tell her the stakes...


Very nice film, really liked the choice of locations and the actors were great. The prettiest colour grading I have seen so far in 48Hours. Great work!

Way to subvert expectations! Loved the red lighting too x

So I kind of saw this coming that 2 genres in the comp this year would be ripe for subversion. Lovers on the Run has of course had a ton of lycra and jogging, but possession has where it has really got interesting when teams have moved away from ouiji board demons and gone into some deeper levels.

Here a hiker in the woods takes photos, and initially we're on the path of a really clever possession = hobbyist/collector take. Pretty good idea! But some ominous hints and nods lead down a very dark path.

I think this was a really clever taken on the genre with strong performances and a great vibe. On first watch I found the color grade to be quite odd almost to the point of offputting but on reflection it added to your unique atmosphere.

A very strong ending probably elevated this higher than I otherwise would have rated it. Overall really well done.

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