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Chasing the Horizon

by TW99


A ballsy, solo performance entry which got a great reaction from the audience. This film starts strong, with our protagonist digging into a jar of pickles to find an ominous warning in a brilliant reveal. The charismatic performance clearly channels the great Matt Berry (which is never a bad thing). The climax of the film employs some hilarious back-and-forth between the two foes. Looking forward to viewing this a second time to catch some of those quips. Kudos for going all in on this, Especially that farewell kiss!

I really thought we were over silly wigs and people playing one character in 48. Taika Waititi kind of made it redundant back in 2006 with Slade in Full...

BUT this is a very well performed and silly funny tale of lovers on the run/hideout. You do you I suppose.

Technically an anomaly; some fantastic camera shots and then a whole bunch of the film seriously flat with unflattering framing whilst the audio was markedly inconsistent with some huge peaks.

A surprise to see this on the shortlist, but congratulations.

This film is better than its production quality suggests.

Its current status as a shortlisted film is down to one major draw card. Te Wairangi Ratana has charisma, spunk and gusto in that order.. This solo film says so much about one man who has taste, wit and charm.. in that order.

Is it a bit shit? Yes. TW99 is not here to win best cinematography, production design, VFX or make up.
He is here to take-out best director.

Rumour has it this film was made in 10 hours. If I had a future finalist award this year, TW99 would be a nominee in strong consideration. This film was an incredibly entertaining watch from a smart storyteller with an instinctual understanding of comic form. Absolutely smashed the audience over with laughs in the heats. Quit your job and clear your calendar next year TW99, we all want to see what you can do with an extra 38 hours.

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