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by Kettle of Fish


A cat performs a daring heist to steal what else but a can of salmon. A simple story executed well. After seeing a few animal POV films already this year, I was initially on the fence, But this one had me sold with the excellent use of paw puppetry and a dark turn that will have any cat owner watching their back.

Very endearing, enjoyable and dramatic film with great acting and fun animal camera movements.

I think a few too many teams have thought we'd relate to cutesie HOMEWARD BOUND/BENJI animal adventure films and have thought that whimsical cute pets would cut the mustard this year.

Fuck that! Kate Chu's team delivers an absolute banger of a film here with a super smooth and funny POV film elevated with extremely long puppet cat paws and a sinister bent where anyone is potentially prey.

The glass bottle break had me chortling and the payoff was fantastic. I don't like seafood but was rooting for that cat to get the salmon! Congratulations on the well deserved shortlist recognition.

I was shocked that this film didn't receive more nominations - this was such a funny watch and such a tight story. The dialogue during the strangling scene, the commercial-styled beauty shot of the can of salmon and the poor woman being bottled were pure comedic gold and had me in stitches. The cat arms worked so well as a narrative device and set this apart from other animal POV films I've watched in the past (I chuckled whenever those lanky arms showed up on screen). Great camera work, strong filmmaking and I'm looking forward to Kettle of Fish's next film!

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