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by Discombobulated Pistachios

In the not too distant future when the targeted ads won't go away, one guy decides to target THEM.

Created during the NZ VF48Hours 2024 by:
Ruby Meades - Director, Producer, Writer, Animatic, Compositing
Chris Popham - Drone Design, Animation, Storyboard, Unit
Jessica Steininger - Background Art, Neighbour Design, Storyboard
Bella Ranstead - Guy Character Design, Paperless Animation, Clean Up Artist
Mihaly Csordas - Fx Animator, Hologram Design, Storyboard
Eyessa Gentle - Cut Out Animation, Ad Design, Intro, Titles & Credits
Billie Clement - Sound Design & Music

Made using SIT facilities and Toon Boom and Adobe software.


A very slick looking and sounding animated short. Some nice touches of humour and a cool little story. Could there have been more of it? A few more conflict scenes? Maybe. Love the splatter effects though and the way the characters look. Great job!

Nice meta commentary on the invasion of advertising in society's daily lives, and a probably not too unrealistic prediction for this alarming trend to continue well into the future. Fuck capitalism eh?

Short, slick, sweet and well animated I liked that the splatter was used as a visual metaphor for the messy trail that corporate greed leaves behind. Well done.

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