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It's About Time

by 48 hours of Musical Theatre

A Musical about steampunk time regression and enforcement.


Wow, talk about ambition! This movie had it all – awesome locations, killer costumes, and some seriously talented singers. The musical parts were on point, I especially liked the cinematography in the bar scene. But with just 5 minutes, it felt like the complex plot and the complexity of a musical genre were kinda vying for attention. Still, it was a wild ride!

Great costuming and use of locations. Overall though, I'm a little mixed. Some tidy cinematography at times as mentioned above, yet some casual filming/editing in the climatic song where our actors in conflict are on the same side of the shot - 180 degree rule creating confusion. Apart from that song, the others lacked a bit of punch and having a main song running through the background on three occasions (maybe?), made things sound a bit repetitive. The story is perhaps a little hard to follow at times but there's a thought-provoking ending which works well.

Nice work!

Bit torn here, because we had one absolutely amazing song and the rest whilst composed well enough were not used to drive the story to any great degree. Nice costuming for a period piece and I get this was an ode to the broadway classics, but I would have loved to see a clearer narrative.

Cinematography at times beautiful though several edits personally a tad jarring. Audio quality also markedly jumped from ok to really good throughout. Just my 2c.

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