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Tractorius Vehiculus, bringer of destruction

by Dennistribe

An intelligent tractor goes on a murderous rampage.


Lots of fun in this farm-set splatter fest that has a healthy does of kills cleverly played out off-screen. The rigging of the sheep's head to the front of the tractor was an inspired choice and got a great reaction from the crowd at the screening. Love the forward roll from one of the early kills and his very understated "Oh, no!" as the tractor closes in. Things to work on would be some of your sound and while some of the fourth-wall breaks were intentional others were that quick unintentional look into the camera. Maybe a final stand-off would have been more satisfying than the ending we got but because it was largely unexpected it worked!

Got a vote from me so great job!

Killer tractor controlled by a killer lamb who seeks revenge.
I love it, and it's so fun getting your young ones involved... unfortunate for some....

ended a little abruptly but a good watch :)

One of my favourites from the heats - a hilariously absurd setup, supported by some solid production design on the bionic/demonic sheep-tractor, and remarkably well put-together for what I thiiink (based on a brief chat after the heat) was a first-time team. The core concept carries this short a long way, but it's the filmmaking that sustains it for the running time, with some nice shot choices and editing that helps to heighten the action of this ovine farm equipment straight-up murdering a bunch of children. Some slightly wonky moments, and the ending is a random gag rather than a satisfying conclusion to the story/situation, but still - I cackled my ass off watching this and would gladly watch another film from the same team.

Robbed of a shortlist spot in my opinion, and I hope it wins the Incredibly Strange award (always my favourite award).

What I liked:
An incredible idea executed to a very low-fi but intoxicatingly fun quality.

What I didn't like:
I reckon we could have forgone with the opening shots of the newspapers - I can't remember even what information they conveyed and it felt like a bit of a cliche opening.

Something else I liked:
I liked how all the characters are children except for one who is just a full grown man, but this distinction doesn't get brought up or acknowledged by any of the characters.

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