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Pearl & Pete

by Clean Slate

Pearl and Pete are for sure a odd couple


A lot of fun. Mixing fantasy into real world violence.

Desperate women in the forest trying to escape death...
Unique take on odd couple, I did not expect the puppet to be her partner
Clever, simple and well executed. The red streamers were hilarious.

What I liked:
Beautifully shot in a beautiful location! Such a unique environment to see - I knew this had to be from out of town hahah. Great idea using that as a strength!

What I didn't like:
The biggest drawback with this film I think was the audio mix on the puppet's voice - I found his dialogue pretty hard to parse.

Something else I liked:
I did like that the puppet was a part of it though, and there was some real cool Muppetesque jokes that were mined from the concept.

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