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Carp Diem

by Breadstick


I enjoyed this. two very different people come together- and one man takes on a different take and eventually ends up becoming a new person by the end of it.

I cracked up seeing him come out of the tent when I thought about him standing inside. There were so edit errors when he was infront of the sliding door but good ending, didnt expect that part.

Costume and set design was bang on... really unfortunate you guys were disqualified :(

What I liked:
Tonally this film is so strong, and such a clear directorial vision.

What I didn't like:
That being said the script itself was a little unclear - I'm not sure I would repeat back to you what the film is actually about, even though I really enjoyed watching it.

Something else I liked:
The art direction in that tent was incredible! Great work.

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