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by Rolleston College A


Very clever meta film that leaned hard into the 2024 required elements and is genuinely right up there for best use of match cut so far in the comp, as the foundation was quickly laid for a quest to provide a WIZARD OF OZ style resolution via a potion.

Well paced and nice visual flourishes throughout, charming in nature with parodying of witches and wizards whilst never crossing the line into sarcasm or overt silliness this was highly enjoyable.

Like an after school special this included uses of puppets and costumes and even broke the 4th wall for good measure. My main comment here would be to try and up the dramatic stakes and mix up the tone a little because the positive vibe throughout meant whilst the stakes were declared via dialogue, in my opinion they didn't really resonate as being a huge problem for the characters to overcome.

What I liked:
Great sense of humour - loved the moments where the whole film slowed down so one of the young performers could give some off-the-wall line delivery just because it was funny.

What I didn't like:
I think we could have shaved off a couple minutes in the edit and gave the film overall a quicker pace.

Something else I liked:
Really funny deliberately low-fi use of green screen - creative stuff like this totally has a place in the comp.

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