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A Lazy Twenty

by Everything Sticks

Ownership over a dropped $20 note brings out the worst in people and the worst people. Sometimes, they deserve each other.


Oh %100 anything free can bring out the worst in people.

A man in his own space, going for a run, stumbles across some extra cash and whatever reason he needs it for, sounds like a steal for me.

It's always nice seeing films starting at a random point of someone life. It gives me "Drive 2011" vibes. just not the murderous intent part... or just maybe ;)

poor kid had it the worst. It may have very well been her money.

Really enjoyed the film. well done team Everything sticks!!

What I liked:
Slick camera work and technically a continued improvement for Everything Sticks - cool to see you guys excelling more with all the technical stuff!

What I didn't like:
Not sure what to make about Beth's character being accused of being a sex worker + her actually being one as a twist + what this says about this film's perspective on sex workers. Felt very unenlightened early-to-mid 2000s 48Hours problematic humour.

Something else I liked:
I do love a "good lesson learnt in a morally depraved way" style of plot closure though, so the clotheslining of the child felt narratively satisfying.

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