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The secret life of a sloth

by Awkward Animations

Docco reminding us of the deep connection we can have with nature if only we chose to open our hearts up to the opportunity.


So good. A simple, slightly satirical take on nature preservation docos that also commits to the messages behind them. Really, really smart to focus on a sloth for a stopmotion 48hours short. Great-looking puppets, beautifully short, and animated so cleanly.

Awkward animations have shown themself to be a highly technically talented team with this short. Just the attention to detail with how the fur moved was particularly impressive. The animation teams seem to up their game year after year. I'm not entirely sure if the story was as effective as it could be, needs a bit more focus I guess. It dances between trying to be serious and quirky. I think it's supposed to be a mockumentary but it does come across more of a PSA at the end. To return to something more positive the voice-over worked very well.

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