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by The Collective

Two people running from their lives, find each-other in the salt air and rolling waves. But like water, what builds must fall.


Reverie draws you in right from the start, focused storyline that highlights an incredibly relatable and relevant life issue in today’s climate.

Great use of lighting, backgrounds and confident acting that continues to hold the viewers attention and thought of what’s going to happen next.

A Directors masterpiece!

Reverie taps into the universal longing to escape life's burdens and find solace in new love and adventure. However, the film skillfully reminds us that reality inevitably intrudes on our fantasies.
Set against the stunning backdrop of the ocean, the captivating storyline draws viewers in, while the great acting adds authenticity to the characters' struggles.

The cinematography is stunning, capturing emotions in every frame through lighting, atmosphere, and overall mood. It deeply connects with the viewer, immersing them in the film's emotions.

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