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Locked In

by Waxeye Studios

The genre our team got given was 'A Monster Movie', which you can probably see from the title card in the beginning.

Our team!: [Team Waxeye]
Ember ( me :3 )
Micah (I didn't put this in the credits but he also did all of the camera work for this one)

There's a lot of things I would've wanted to change, but we just didn't have the time and/or didn't have the ability/skill to do so, like making the monster's voice sound better, or fixing up a few other sound issues, or some shots switching to a different shot that looks the same angle, but I'm really happy with what we were able to come up with in the 48 hours we had!

Edited in DaVinci Resolve


It's an interesting short film though it's challenging to review since another short in the heat had a very similar concept. Technically I think the film works pretty well. It doesn't drag at all and the cinematography sells the mood of it all effectively. I guess the only real issue with it is that I felt there were quite a lot of details that went unexplained. Why he's there, why he can't leave, and why did he have to shut the other guy in the room to leave? The door was wide open and there didn't seem to be anything stopping him from leaving at that point. Maybe the main character was the "monster" all along? For a lot of the film, I was speculating that maybe he was in a bunker being kept safe from the outside world. Good effort though gives you food for thought.

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