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Past-it Notes

by Decile One


Default Avatar dawkward

This was a bloody riot! The guy on the tape really nailed it with his comedic timing. Some really good gags. An intriguing take on what might happen if we don't encourage each other. That was my understanding, anyway.

Default Avatar Hotlips

Loads of fun and humour. Great work. Very technical also. Story line was great and executed quite well. We'll done.

A film that managed to be both moody and funny in equal turns. Takes a beautifully absurd time travel idea and tells a haunting story about the risks of messing with time. Another example of being able to make an imaginative story with the limited resources on hand.

Out of the box timeless take on time travel, as the old monitor and vcr + unidentifiable setting for watching meant this could have been any place, any time. I was pretty impressed by how well the team replicated the look of a composite analogue tape, the only thing missing would have been some colour bleed haha. The person giving the self-help seminar on the video about sending pick me up/encouraging post it notes ("past-it notes") to the past was outstanding with not a single moment where he did not completely sell his performance. The pacing was tidy and I loved the originality. I think the lo-fi aesthetic worked really well and I liked that you kept it simplistic in scope, though I do wonder if the notes to historical figures could have had slightly more impact. The ending was also a tad abrupt when I had really grooved on the film up until that point.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Wonderful. I loved this world. Very few words from our lead. The story needs very little exposition, which is the mark of a great film. The filmmakers have an aesthetic that I can very much get on board with. poorly timed smiles and hands that don't appear where they should. My notepad has written on it twice "great sound design" Hard to pull off a high concept like that in such short time. Keep up with the Acronyms.

Default Avatar Dolly Zoom

Great story with a fitting pun of a title. Enjoyed the wordplay there. This short was very technically well made. The VHS style to the training video was too good. The actor in the role of the salesperson was spot on. Very funny and delightfully zaney. The concept itself is great, sending post it notes to the past. Brilliant technically, and very entertaining, my only issue was a little fat could have been trimmed off the story to keep it lean. Why mention the bit about not sending note to loved ones in the past without showing us the consequence? Seemed a little redundant. Maybe I just didn't pick up on it in the first viewing? If so, a film that requires repeat viewings is one of my favourite film devices, but doesn't suit the completion style that is the 48hours.

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