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Laundry Time

by The Lords of Truth


Like a low budget romcom version of Christopher Smith's TRIANGLE, set in a laundromat. Well I guess the budget might have been a bit higher as this team is not marked as disqualified despite having the audacity to use Lana Del Ray's megahit Young and Beautiful to drive proceedings. Um...

Slightly unusual indeed that this film featured Lana Del Rey. And definitely there were a ton of issues with this work. But there's something about it that spoke to me on some level, a semblance of style or meaning or perhaps even beauty. The blinky-light machine really spoke to me visually, and I found many of the shots to be, though clearly forced, somewhat beautiful. I see a lot of my own work in this, and a lot of my own downfalls. I also sense the direction, or the desire, that drives this. I think you should persevere, for though this film may be a mess, with practice things will become clearer.

The actual time machine was the highlight here. Story was a bit of a jumble, more dialogue explaining things could have helped. Also the ending made me want to see him bang into his past self, guessing you don't have an identical twin brother or doppelganger.

Going to the Laundromat brings back memories of a past relationship for our lead, he discovers a time travel machine to go back to redeem his mistakes. This sweet film is about lost-love and regrets set in a realistic world until the time travel which is a fun insert. To be honest that song was familiar but none of us picked up on it, so thanks to the team for pointing it out and self-disqualifying. Next year make sure you get the correct rights to your music as it was a shame to DQ for this reason. Also a tip for your team, it is good to capture field sound and in the edit include some of the audio under the soundtrack, esp. when you can see mouths moving in bus stop scene.

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