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by Laughing Jamaican Productions 252 views


You got musical, your lead can't sing, and you bloody went for it anyway. You automatically have my respect. Some cool creative moments in this one. Though drone shots are heavy in this comp, I smiled big at this one. For a film that ended up being about a guy trying to impress a girl, there's a lot of filler that could have been cut down - mainly the dialogue when they first met and established that they knew each other from high school. Given how it ends, it didn't add anything to the film. That ending though. Wow, may have been the heartiest laugh I got from the heat.

Default Avatar Roxanne Lee

I enjoyed the acting in this one and some really well shot scenes!

Appealingly awkwardly mawkish musical romance, ending with a suitably bitter twist. I rather liked the dance sequence using the overhead shot, echos of Bollywood for a few seconds there, in the look if not in sound. Some brave choices.

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