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Evilly Evil

by Derp Productions 142 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

I loved the evilly evil song, it was very catchy! Great to see teams embracing musical and running with it. Some genuinely funny bits in this film.

Default Avatar 101 lost

Very good song! some touching up on cinematography and a stronger story will help next time.

Default Avatar Shing

Some really funny moments. Great work.

Default Avatar Liam Drury

Musical. Can either make and break teams and it is always good to see teams that succeed. Great fun to be had watching this and a good ending to tie it all up. Be sure to stay till after the credits for another laugh out loud moment!

Best Musical so far. For a genre that everyone fears it's great to see a team take it on and come up with something entertaining! Nice Job!

Default Avatar Estumas

Certainly one of the most catchy single song musicals I've seen while being involved with the 48 Hours. Technically not to bad, the elements all nicely put in, but the icing on the cake was the very nice twist on the ending paid off well to stop it from just being a music vid. I look forward to more from Derp.

Default Avatar Jarrod Freeland

Fantastic, I thought this was the best from Heat 4 all things considered. As others have pointed out it's probably the toughest genre to work with, and this team managed to knock it right out of the park. Song lyrics were great (and that's really saying something as I listen to much better stuff than modern pop music), and the twist worked perfectly. Of course we can't expect high-grade special effects and visuals given the time constraints, but in this case I thought they added to the comedy/fun aspect very well indeed. Good stuff!

Good job embracing the evilly evil Musical genre. It's a catchy tune and I like the fact that he was more of a dick than the anti-christ. Got some good chuckles just from him being an asshole. Some jokes didn't really feel like they had punchlines though, like the fidget spinner scene and the girl at the bus depot. I'd be curious to see this one remade with better quality camera and audio equipment.

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