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by Some Like it Kiwi Hot 482 views


Hilarious, and a clever take on the lovers on the run genre. That dog was amazing, the car chase was amazing, the villains were amazing. And the ending was hysterical, great work!

I enjoyed 'Stuffed' by Some Like it Kiwi Hot and surprised it missed the finals. Excellent short. Innovative use of the genre which I thought the story worked extremely well. That dog has future work on film! Looked great on camera. Production values of this film were good, nice shots and clean audio. Good use of locations. I also enjoyed the chase with villains hanging out of the van. Look forward to your future films.

Loved this one, strong and original storyline, and an interesting take on the lovers on the run genre without subverting it too far. Also the strongest integration of the prop that I've seen this year. The chase scene with the shot of the taxidermists hanging out the van was comedic gold - and the final scene with the dog taking the baddies down was also a standout. Some parts of the chasing could've been cut down for snappiness, but that's about it. I'm surprised it didn't make the city finals.

What I liked about this film: excellent audio, steady camerawork and the moments where the 'lovers' were genuinely on the run (well into the 2nd half of the film) such as the car chase vs the gang of EYES WIDE SHUT masked assailants featured really strong cinematography. I did find that the script felt a bit stilted however and whilst I would never expect or want people to replicate BADLANDS/BONNIE & CYLDE/WILD AT HEART etc I was surprised with the narrative arc taken. I liked the subversion attempt but struggled because I personally felt there was only really one lover on the run - the pet to me didn't really count (and yes I did see it noted in the film that pets provide love and companionship - it still didn't make her dog her lover in this film)

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