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Great Mysteries of Natural History

by Confusers


Previous best worst "winners" Confusers are at it again with a mockumentary (no talking heads - hurray!) about the newly discovered Placeholdersaurus, delightfully narrated by someone giving their best Richard Attenborough impersonation. Now this might have been an entertaining short in another team without an incredibly strange bent, but in the hands of bizarro masters Confusers we got paper mache Dinosaur head weird all for the glorious better. Who is really at the top of the food chain - humans, dinosaurs or felines? I guess it doesn't matter when you have a green screen and not just one but two paper mache Dinosaur heads. Got some seriously huge laughs at the heat but could have cut down by perhaps 1 or 2 jokes for pacing.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

It's uncanny that I happened to be watching some old black & white footage by David Attenborough the day before seeing this short. The vintage stylizing was bang on. Packed with great elements (I loved the p.o.v. of the feet shots) this film came very close to nailing it. Has Wild Card potential for sheer fun & wackyness.

Really enjoyed your film and it was clear that you had heaps of fun making it. I loved your sense of comedy and 'Placeholdersaurus' is definitely the best dinosaur name ever.

Default Avatar Ian99

This film demonstrated that ramshackle and ridiculous can be comic weapons in the right hands. A film that had fun, and made fun. Loved the jumps between the nature presenter and various other bits of funny. At the end I was surprised to find myself watching extended strangeness of dancing dinos in front of a ball of a fire. This last bit took the silliness to even greater heights than what we'd seen already. Nice one.

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