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by Blank Canvas 110 views


Charming tale of a widower who had the perfect wife on a quest to find/buy love one more time. A Russian mail-order bride from a less than reputable company (found through searching on 'googol') leads to a LARS AND THE REAL GIRL inspired payoff. Made great use of setup and payoff through several repeated comedy vignettes. Also pleasingly made use of the small gaps in the weather on the weekend of rain that Wellington had to showcase the waterfront. I felt that the lack of dialogue worked for what the team was trying to achieve but that it was slightly let down by a few flat shots.

Default Avatar Wavy

Essentially one twist but told with heart. Locations chosen well as was the doll. Feet apparently not required.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Great film to start of the heat. Nice work with the web page and the writing on the package for reveal of the character name & line, well done creatively there. Cool to see lots of Wellington on screen, the Paramount cameo was superb. Felt it strung out a little too long. Probably would have worked just as well with only one gag scene of the guy out with the doll. I'd have ended on the laugh at the website and then tucked just a couple of the doll date scenes in to the credit roller. They worked so well you didn't need a lot of them.

Default Avatar jazdee123

Loved the idea you had, the story was told really well without dialog. Great setup & some good laughs.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Meandering for the most part, this story of a widower conflicted by the memory of his wife and his desire to purchase a mail order bride really does its best to turn into "Lars & the Real Girl" without actually achieving any of the dark humour or empathy of that film. Nicely shot and edited though but the tonal shift just didn't work for me & I think you would have been netter served to just develop his loneliness and guilt.

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