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by Couch Kumaras 2,842 views


Technically superb with a tremendous sense of dramatic development this nailed the buddy film genre but also subverted it In such a way that I could see it being a serious contender. Two best friends are shown to go through their daily routine in a way that unmistakably only buddies do; all the tropes of young men you could relate to are there such as bacon, sports and driving fast all moved along with just the right sense of urgency to let the film breathe within its time frame but not overstay its welcome. The comedic timing was good, the performances very strong, script even better and score which appeared to be original also perfect for the mood.

Default Avatar B.Roll

I think everybody will probably want to watch this one again for obvious reasons! A concept many have tried, but few have managed to pull off. Perfectly developed plot carried by the leads. I would be very surprised if it doesn't make it into the regional final. Will probably give it 7 stars once I've had a chance to view it again

Default Avatar IMCO

Saw this on the live stream on the Grand Final last night. Absolutely loved it - I bubbled quite a bit. Think the judges got the top three the wrong way round - this should have taken out the competition.

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