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by Bikini Chicken


Default Avatar Outcasted

Really intriguing beginning and overall great concept. I had a whole lot of unanswered questions by the end, but that isn't a bad thing. I suspect that's what you were going for. Not too dialogue heavy. Solid acting. Great atmosphere.

Default Avatar Bobby White

Had great cinematography and decent performances by the leads. Felt that the ending let it down.

Great cinematography, colour grade was on point which helped set the tone (as with the score) and some nice acting. The only problem i have, was I didnt understand the story, and it kinda ended abruptly. Great team intro, but probably wasnt a good lead into your film.

Default Avatar Rocketman

This was filmed beautifully and the actors commitment to the role was awesome. The story was a bit confusing at times and I felt like it was missing a scene which would hopefully connect everything together, especially the end which completely went over my head. Loved the drone shots of both actors. Well done!

Default Avatar B.Roll

Technically stunning. Perfect cinematography, colour grading, sound and editing. Acting on point, although the basic story and minimal dialogue probably helped. The let down though was the story (or lack thereof). Work on that for next time and you'll have an unbeatable short! PS. I really should add another star for your team intro!

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