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When the Cat's Away

by Hard To Watch 482 views


Default Avatar KiwiCritic

Well this film came out of nowhere, most likely the funniest film in the heat? Definitely not an Auckland finalist but 'could' be up for the incredibly strange award. Have you guys thought of progressing with comedy more? You guys have that cringe comedy down! Thanks for making me laugh.

Okay, this was the great surprise of the heat for me. A truly ridiculous premise handled perfectly. I LOVED the lead actress. Such a charming awkwardness to her. And Oh. My. God. The cats POV shots with the puppeteered paws - I think that was the loudest the laughs in the theatre got all night. By the time we got to the reveal of the breakfast I was crying a little bit. Just brilliant. This film wasn't technically great by any means, but never so bad that it interfered with the story-telling. Probably not a finalist this year, but if they can spend the next year sharpening their technical skills and bring the LOLs consistently, this could be a team to watch in the future.

Default Avatar Peter McDonald

Well that certainly happened... This got some of the biggest laughs of the night, probably on sheer absurdity alone. I was certainly entertained. The characters were fantastic and just the ridiculous relationship between the lead actress and the cat/guy in cat's body was hilarious and increasingly disturbing. Certainly far from technically perfect and perhaps the story didn't hit the right notes all the time, but my goodness if we didn't have a good time. Thanks for that team.

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