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by The Book Wasn't Better 181 views


Default Avatar abheek

good job guys, keep it up. good luck.

I have to start off by saying the performance by the "do you have a lighter?" guy was the best I've seen in 48 hours this year, genuinely hilarious and genuinely genuine. It looked like you guys had a lot of fun making this and your use of locations was cool too, the large warehouse seemed very other-worldly. The gag about the narrator when reading the note was great! I also liked the creature/monster banging on the other side of the door, a great way to make something scary without special effects or costume! camera work and editing was good enough and suited the style of the film, the crossover with the other film was also a first for me to see in 48hours and was a crowd favourite. I think this film just needed a bit of extra polishing in the writing and maybe a faster paced edit to bring this film to the next level. Great work guys!

Default Avatar doonhamer

Loved the crossover! Hard genre and you kept it simple and relied on the comedy aspect which worked really nicely. Really good effort!

This deserves an honorable mention just for the creative way you worked with the last team to tie your two films together. Never seen that done before and I thought it was super effective. But even without that, this was a very good film. The 'got a light' guy was hilarious and played his part really well. Is he up for best actor? I hope so. The writers/director managed to make it weird AND make sense which is not easy, and you definitely didn't have an easy genre to work with. I just really enjoyed this. Good job.

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