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Default Avatar spanky_the_dolphin

I really enjoyed Bootypoppers entry 'Good Intentions' from a year or two back. This entry was even stronger, with some solid performances, good tension - will she retrieve the thrildo or won't she?! - and a great wee twist at the end that I didn't see coming. Thought the dinner table scene was excellent. It's nice seeing this team grow!

Default Avatar dlittlesister

There is no way I can't give this 7/7. The tears of laughter dripping from my eyes by the end were bitter sweet. Knowing our team were literally whipped by a large pink dildo. Good work Bootypoppers.

Pretty funny. The style was really nice, from the animated dildo title sequence to the hand SLAPPING down on the mashed potatoes. The camera work was really great, and the concept as an idea was really good too. I think the middle of the film really let it down though, I didn't like that the dildo was just magically turning up in places, I felt like it would have been more effective if the dog had actually ran off with it, and she spent the film trying to retrieve from the adventures the dildo went naturally through case and effect instead of it seemingly having a mind of its own and turning up in the fridge by itself. Dinner scene was excellent, ending scene was excellent, I can't imagine it would have been a comfortable conversation with the actress playing the mother when you told her the story idea.

Default Avatar spacey24

Top marks for thinking outside the box! I laughed till I cried, love it!!

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