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The Dig

by Grand Cheval 625 views


Default Avatar Wendy O'Brien

Great idea for this genre but maybe a llittle difficult to pull off in such a short time frame. A good attempt from a well respected team. Chumpers was the inspiration for our team to start! Thanks guys.

Loved this movie, was a good story line!

Great concept, and the best looking film of the heat, though the end result probably wasn't as poignant as I think Grand Cheval were expecting. The film seemed to lack a clear direction of where it was headed, but the dialogue was funny and my goodness those practical upside down effects were awesome and must have been really fun to work out. Why was there a dildo in Bradley's bag?

I spent most of my time trying to figure out the physics of the cup phone, if it was falling into the sky in China why was it also falling into the sky back in NZ? I may never know, this will haunt me for eternity.

Default Avatar koroh the geek

Very nice job guys. Grand Cheval still going strong. Dug it!

Default Avatar themorgan

An ambitious short from one of the real danger teams in the comp. Good performance from Tom Furniss. Not everything was totally successful, but it was another solid effort from this crew.

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