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Taxidermy Beach Party

by The Mildcats 376 views


Very well shot and edited! Fantastic casting and performances! Started off as a very cute, offbeat, romantic comedy and I was ready to love this movie, but in the end I was left disappointed. You did all the hard work of setting up the characters and setting up plot devices but we never got to see the happy ending. I genuinely felt for the characters (a level of emotional connection not many 48hours films accomplish) and I'm sitting here writing this still wondering what happened to them in the end

Default Avatar doonhamer

Very deserving of the audience favourite and a wonderful example that simple films are often the best. Great actors and pacing. Left we wanting more! Good luck - hope you get through to the next round

This film was well-shot and very well-acted. The guy was hilarious playing the overprotectiveness of his croc, especially in the last moment of the film. Really creative idea well-executed, and well deserving of the audience favorite

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