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Default Avatar KiwiCritic

My personal favourite from the heat (I'm hoping I've selected the right film). You guys hit it out of the park, simple comedy, great dialogue delivered by great actors. You guys had joke after joke, with some of them coming at times where I didn't expect. A potential finalist. It wouldn't be misplaced if so.

I enjoyed this film a lot, my favourite of the heat. Great production value and character interactions. the two partners discussion in the car was nicely acted and genuinely funny. great jokes and humor. fantastic work

This will no doubt be an unpopular review but I struggled with this film a bit. There is no question that after Halcyon's film this was the next best from a technical perspective. Great photography. Strong and consistent grade. Good sound. Well cut. However, despite featuring some pretty great gags - nothing happened. What little story did exist had absolutely zero structure. It was just gag-gag-gag-gag-end. Which look, clearly makes for a popular film - as seen by this taking out Audience favorite of the heat. I laughed my ass off throughout this film. The sliding across the bonnet of the car trope with the flash-frame editing transition was gold. And while utterly predictable, the Charlie-Chaplin-esque car load of people gag was well executed and I laughed a lot. And yet, despite the laughs, when it ended I was left feeling completely unsatisfied. More of a youtube skit than a short film. Sorry :(

Default Avatar Peter McDonald

This is the one... This film was absolutely hilarious. My favourite of the heat for several reasons. Not only was it technically sound, with audio, video and editing (dare I say the most technically near-perfect of the heat; certainly one of them in any case) but it was the most entertaining and it was apparent on the night that the audience agreed. The story was simple and though it seems as if nothing much is happening to progress it for a while, it remained funny and visually appealing with slick edits and shots, baiting us in to a very clever and laugh-out-loud final scene that not only explains what has happened, but wraps up the story nicely. Though it was perhaps risky to do it this way, I think the pay-off was well worth it and it was nice to see a different and bold approach to short-form storytelling. We are treated to a well-executed "clown car" scene that wasn't altogether unexpected but still surprises with its comedic kicks. The two leads were fantastic and the dialogue between them is something to be reckoned with. Very deserving of a place in the finals. Watch this space...

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Pretty good this one, high production value, high entertainment and other things too like they know how to do good titles and work a slider etc. I'd have pegged this for a finalist but I dunno, can't really think of much that's wrong with it... the sound could have been mixed so that the dialogue is louder and more crisp? I dunno, you could still hear everything clearly.

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