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Off Grid

by Halcyon Entertainment 433 views


Default Avatar KiwiCritic

This film had one of the best intros (not team intro) I have seen in a 48 film. This film also provided great laughs backed with a solid production value. I was left a bit confused by the end of the film, but maybe I am one of the few that didn't quite get 'it'. A big congratulations to Halcyon for pulling off another entertaining watch.

Like last year, these guys nailed it. Unlike last year, they're not disqualified, making this film an almost certain Auckland finalist. A fantastic opening VFX shot sets a very high standard of technical proficiency that never falters throughout the rest of the film. They nailed the genre, the characters were fantastic archetypes (the internet pirate and his landlocked boat a crowd favorite) and the story arc compete. The gag of the boat being chased by drones was inspired and the moment the chase seemed to exit a perimeter with the drones turning back was a delightfully understated trope. Great work, guys - can't fault it.

One of the few good films of this heat from a technical perspective, with great visual effects, editing and cinematography. The equally clever and funny chase scene was the high point of this film but I felt the story lacked in clarity at points (i.e. the unexplained, or at least brushed-off disappearance of the second girl at the beginning, and the end left me a touch confused as to what had just happened - perhaps I didn't get it?) Either way, enjoyable and well put together.

Default Avatar Peter McDonald

This was very cool in terms of overall look and feel, but I was left feeling a little dissatisfied. The great introduction to the film had me hooked and ready for more but everything else fell a little short. Not to say I thought it was bad in any way, but perhaps I was expecting something completely new and original. Admittedly, I laughed right through the chase sequence and it hit all the right notes but they were predictable notes and I could feel the laughs coming. The drones reaching their chase perimeter limit was a nice touch though. Unfortunately, I was also one of the people who found the end a little confusing and it took a bit of the punch away from the bulk of the film. Great work once it was all said and done though and the team should be proud of producing this in 48 hours.

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