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Ladies First

by Miss Fire Productions 69 views


Opening a rom-com with a nasty break-up can cause a few issues - mainly that it can present our leads in a negative light and make it difficult to root for their happiness. I have to admit: I felt this drawback for the first few minutes of the film. However, it's a film of three parts - different moments that tent-pole the relationship's end. The second scenario makes the most of the typical rom-com contrivance, handling its numerous actors' interactions gracefully. It's a shame the 'hotel' didn't really convince as a hotel. The ending is easily the strongest segment of 'Ladies First', a one-shot meet-cute that feels extremely organic. It's a great counter to what preceded it, easing our lead out of the nastiness. Additional props to Miss Fire for the smart handling of its LGBT characters - a trait that would have been blown up and exploited in less capable hands.

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