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by The Good Kuntz 1,983 views


Default Avatar doonhamer

Really enjoyed this film - clearly a lot of people involved and overall it worked well. The 'mother' played her role perfectly. Fight scenes were well coordinated. It just wasn't as concise as some of the other films in the heat - mainly due to the lack of character dialogue. Technically sound and a really well polished film.

This was just way too good. Great acting, great location, great stunt coordination, and the cinematography, make up, sound, casting, everything was ace. I don't know what else to say about this. I wish this hadn't been in our screening. Take your greatness elsewhere.

A fun, nicely shot short with a creative concept done very well. The lead was great as the straight hero carving through the goofy underworld The Good Kuntz created - this was a short powered largely by its performances. I feel 'Interloafer' was held back by its editing though, with some sudden transitions to locations feeling awkwardly wedged in. The song also felt out-of-place at times, although the song by itself is a good song.

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