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by Porcupine Circus 312 views


Default Avatar Debbie Hogan

This was one of my favourites from this afternoons heat. Great scenery and acting, with an interesting story line

Default Avatar neraknosredna

This had a unique story - it was well thought out with some really good parts to it - particularly the guy in the waiting room in the hole in the wall :)

Thought this was a great twist to "Other Dimension Movie" some of the acting at the start was a little woody but the editing and story made up for it... my favorite scene was the door opening into/onto the beach! well done.

Default Avatar HumbleSkuxxx69

As a film critic of over 14 years, I have not seen a amateur film made of a high quality as Porcupine Circus' 'Friendzoned'. From the beginning, the film captured the despair and awkwardness of the 'Friendzone' with phenomenal acting (especially from the female lead). The use of lighting is particularly inspired, especially in the waiting room scene, where the artificial whiteness emphasises the emptiness and sterility of the 'Friendzone.' The transition between the waiting room and the desert was especially ingenious, and was one of my favourite parts of the film. Overall, I found 'Friendzoned' equally comedic and insightful into the psyche of the modern-day relationship. This is a fantastic short film and a must-see of the competition.

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