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Dangerous Interchange

by Une 178 views


Awesome intro clip, nice opening shot, but over way too soon. I felt the idea had some legs, did you run out of time?

Just because using a single shot worked well for you in the past doesn't mean it will work well every year. You lot clearly have some talent, could you show it to us next year please? Metal Wizard appreciates that you used one more shot than last year, but still wants more.

Default Avatar DuncanPacey

Love one-shot films, but there is definite room for improvement (though isn't there always in a 48 Hour film). Ranked in as my third-favourite for the evening, but I think it needed more. I wanted it to keep going after the battle - to find some conclusion to the Mistaken Identity story. Not as good as last year, but an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

Default Avatar Nik Weston

All other qualities not withstanding - fantastic match-cut and beautifully composed. Next year are you going to push the boat out and go for three shots?

Default Avatar Keen Viewer

Quite a lot of story was told through just two static shots. A good sense on humor in this film with quite a unique style. This film had my vote

Default Avatar Anthropomorphic Salt Shaker

Honestly I didn't really feel like this was something I would enjoy but I'm happy to say that I was blown away. It gripped my attention right from the start because of how different it was from other films in the competition. The way that we were introduced to the setting, then the characters and conflict was done at a fantastic pace. Basically it was very well done in all aspects and it managed to tell an interesting well structured story in a very short amount of time. Plus I loved the composition of the shots!

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

I'm so glad this team returned. Their one minute, one shot film last year was a revelation considering the competition is so frequently filled with bloated films that could easily be cut in half. This year was no different (despite being twice the shots and about three times the length). It was not the most original of ideas, but it perfectly represented the genre and used the other technical elements in a manner that felt integral to the story rather than a token gesture or after-thought. Some people have commented saying it was too brief and wanted to see more, but I completely disagree. I think it did what so few films manage and stop when the time was right. No tedious resolutions or drawn out explanation, just getting the point across and getting out. There were some sound problems (rumbly fan or whatever, microphone rubbing on the actresses clothing), and the Harper Harrison character could have been clearer, but I really hope they continue on next year and stick with their minimalist approach. It's something different if nothing else. Great work!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young woman hears the voice of God during her lunch break. He has plans for her. I loved Une's 2014 film, with it's single shot and well executed story line. It was a refreshing change and the minimalist approach is one I enjoy. "Dangerous Interchange" uses the same style of film-making and I think it's just as successful. To be honest, I did get a little bored during the voice-over the first time through but all was forgiven as I loved, loved, loved the ending - like "Ballsed Up" it just makes me laugh. Great stuff again.

Though it's more of a skit than a story, UNE has made one of the slickest shorts in the competition. I love how the concept is powered by the genre and technical element, though the Harper Harrison character felt a bit crowbarred in. But this is only noticeable because of how solid the rest of the script is. Every shot (both of them) looks immaculate and the lead played out the mundane scenario perfectly. A pity about the mic issue (it's been mentioned above). Having seen 'Ballsed Up' last year, I get the feeling UNE used two shots this year begrudgingly, simply because of the 'match cut' element. It's a hellova cut, though.

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