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Chain Of Pain

by OGC Crew 370 views


Default Avatar Project XIII

Lame reviews are lame, especially when they sound like regurgitated BS from rotten tomatoes, but like this review the 'Chain of Pain' stood out like beautiful gold plated dogs balls. It was unlike the many other films that were shot for the festival. A totally different approach to short films, filled with great humor, violence and full out ridiculousness that isn't fun for the whole family....and it should be fun for the family. The film didn't drag on like many of the others I had watched, hence why I am bothering to review this film. It stayed on point for the duration of the film, while the narrative was simple and easy to understand in a short period of time. Chain of Pain is what makes the 48hour fun. Its entertaining, simple, beautifully gorey and out-right fun. I would not be surprised if this film does quite well this year and hope to see more work from the guys at OGC. Which I can only assume stands for (Original Gorey Comedy) but then again I have been wrong before, it could be about gangsters.

Well, what can you say about this film. Hard to define, but immensely watchable as something that stood out in this particular heat. When the warning came up prior to screening that this was not suitable for a younger audience, then you knew this was going to be a bit different. Performance of the actor who had the most hilarious dialogue was excellent. Some of the lines had me in stitches and I'm not sure how these came to the writer on the Friday night (I assume), but hats off to you Sir or Sirs, Madam or Madams. Edward Scissorhands with a twist I would say and congratulations for pushing the boundaries in a competition which is renowned for that - and rightly so! May be a contender for the Regional Finals and I have seen similar tongue in cheek efforts make their way all the way to the National Final, so who knows. Could be a dark-horse!

Default Avatar Transsentient

Quite simply a brilliant take on a 48 hour film. The "on the spot" style of comedy was thoroughly enjoyable, with great uses of the different props and environments to create a fast paced, action packed, dear I say masterpiece. The OGC have clearly spared no expense in making the most of their time and what was available, I wish their film the very best in the Competition.

Default Avatar Bernie

A movie that was funny, fast paced, a bit gory, all the elements to keep your attention and it kept mine. Loved the sound effects to the fight scene, very unique!. The best and most remembered movie in it's heat. Hope the guys and gals from OGC go along way.

Default Avatar LALA

From the get go I found the movie not only highly entertaining,but hilarious as well.It drew my attention from beginning to end and I remembered the plot at the end,which was hard for a lot of the movies to commit to.The sound effects during the fight scene were ingenius and all the characters played their role to perfection.The actor who played 2 parts was soooo funny, the toast scene was hilarious and if OGC planned it all that way, then brilliant.IYou could tell too that at the end when the credits appeared written on paper,that the OGC put all their resources into the film content and not all the bells and whistles,use of props was clever too and I think that OGC have a good chance of making it to the finals.I wish them luck and they definitely have my vote,I would watch out for OGC in the future.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

I've seen a lot of these 'grind-housey' kinds of films in the competition over the year, but rarely are they as well put together as this. This team totally gets the aesthetic and despite the completely over the top, well, everything, it never strays into self concious parody. They OWN it. The cinematography was excellent, the performances were excellent (especially man playing the twin brothers), and the special effects were pitch perfect for the aesthetic (lo-fi but compelling!). The story was perhaps a weeee bit too big for the time limit as the introduction felt a bit rushed, but honestly I haven't laughed so hard for a while. The crowd response was immense and I'm very confused as to how they did not get the audience award. I look forward to seeing what this team pulls out next!

Default Avatar Powdered

In a word? Awesome. Peter Jackson will be shedding a tear that he doesn't make films like this anymore. It was crude in all the right ways but with an understated slickness holding it together. The camera work was energetic without being over indulgent, the acting was over the top, but that's exactly where it should have been. So good. I want to watch it again, like right now, but I'll probably have to wait for the final. Sigh.

Default Avatar Ernst Frutphlinguhr

48Hours mayhem - comedy hitting fast, gore and sick talent in front and behind camera; I want more OGC goodness in my life. If this isnt in the finals I dont understand what 48Hours is about anymore.

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