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Bread Winner

by Chess Club 11,338 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Chess Club again make an excellent film. They fully embraced the musical genre and did a fantastic job! I loved the story about "Breadman" and the journey it took us on. I also enjoyed the little easter egg to their robots film, for us long time watchers. Great singing, acting and fantastic production values. I would fully expect to see the film in the finals. Nice work team!

Default Avatar ardman

Fantastic execution of a very difficult genre. Well done.

If you ever wanted to see a healthy Zach Galifianakis and Cillian Murphy lead a Les Miserable revenge musical about the last loaf of Vogels at Countdown, Chess Club headed straight towards your request like a fired bullet. Superb songwriting, tightly paced, on-point comedic timing from the actors and a match cut I wanted to give a standing ovation to.

Default Avatar Galleto

Loved Bread Winner! The songs and characters were great and as a Vogels buyer I found the story so #relatable.

Default Avatar Rooks and Knights

Another good film buy a group that's gets betr and betr. These guys really embrace all aspects of the competition and their energy and fun spirit shines through. Definielty worthy of Audience Favourite and also going further.

This film was great! City finalist for sure. Maybe even Nationals. In the same vein as last year's overall winner "Pants on Fire". The songs were hilarious, as was the acting, and the camera work and editing were spot on. I loved the Les Mis vibe, especially when both actors started singing their own parts back-to-back. I bet you guys had a lot of fun doing this. I think the only thing that let this great Musical down was its story, but everything else compensated so hard for this that I don't think it even matters.

Default Avatar Nick Depree

Best film of the night easily, and I think as good as the overall winner last year. No flashy effects needed, but good filming and plenty of humour. Very well done with the musical elements which were dramatically paced and well-sung. The shopping cart was a highlight for me!

So glad I got to see a musical in one of the heats I went to! you guys nailed the genre! And everything is more funny in song. Could have been longer but maybe I'm just being greedy for more hilarious duets. City finalist for sure. All the best!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When a man is beaten to the last loaf of Vogel's bread, he embarks on a torturous two year journey to gain retribution. Is it pointless to review the Grand National Champion? Maybe, but I'll give it a go. "Bread Winner" has perhaps the greatest 48 Hour song ever with their opening number "2 Years". Brilliantly dark and suitably catchy it does the necessary job of introducing the story and the road ahead. That sequence is also superbly shot, edited and acted - it's the full package and an impressive way to kick things off. Likewise the meeting with the informant also has great chemistry and comic timing through their exchange - the coffee card was a great touch. Things get a bit weaker for me then though with the scene with Harper and his friend no more than a filler before the amusing and well-executed finale. Weaknesses? Not many. Perhaps the story is a bit too ludicrous if you give it too much thought, but this is supposed to be an over the top musical so it matters little. I did also notice someone in the background as our lead leaves his building, (keying in the door code so he just has to push through?) but again, I've gone looking for things here. A well deserved winner and a film with high replay value. Great job.

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