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Booze Clues

by Echo Echo Echo 166 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This film and some funny moments, and who doesn't enjoy Cookiefoot. A group of friends go camping in the woods and party with some special brownies. Kind of like the hangover films, kind of.

Although I didn't feel the lead characters had much... well... character (aside from the missing man and the suspect), the story was sturdy enough with a reasonable and funny explanation to it all. The whole short was fun in parts, but it could have been a whole load of fun with tighter pacing and writing. I'm still a bit unsure how the blood got on the knife - that might be a plot-hole or perhaps I missed something.

Default Avatar Datsatastyfilm

Characters weren't particularly interesting, but I thought the scene with the beer and the brownies was hilarious and actually really well filmed. Cookie monster/Sasquatch was weird but I liked it. Introduction of the Sven character was also a bit weird but again, comedically it worked ok.

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