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A Dame A Dozen

by Two Big Tools 360 views


Big bold and brassy, no idea how you rammed so much into 48 hours of filming. Funny stuff, nice noir detective story with a touch of crazy metal fantasy zombie musical!! Lots of laughs, visually exciting, crazy plot, nice work all round.

Default Avatar No Symbols

Some interesting ideas, but it felt rushed and not entirely thought through; gratuitous for the sake of it rather than for a story reason, which for me is a big turn off. Some great (read groan inducing) puns though, delivered with a considerably straighter face than I could possibly have managed.

Default Avatar Anthropomorphic Salt Shaker

It was clear with this film that the team went all out and really tried to make something totally insane. Honestly it made my brain hurt, though. It would definitely benefit the team to take a step back and really focus on what they are doing. Making an intentionally bad film is a tricky thing to pull off and at times the film did this well. Most of the time, however, it fell short of the mark and ended up coming across as disjointed and lost. Too often the film started to follow a cohesive structure before quickly abandoning it for the sake of comedy. This gave me a few cheap laughs at times but ultimately left me feeling confused and unfulfilled.

Default Avatar pilowtek

I loved the crazy visual elements in this short and there were some laugh out loud moments. Incorporating many different genres when you had been given one specific genre made it hard to follow what the hell it was actually about but this was made up for by the awesome match fade from the blokes hairy nipples to a set of eyes. I'm guessing that the charred and smouldering penis at the end was a subtle homage to last years art house standout 'dick off'. Nice work.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

What the hell was that? I know from seeing their film last year that they like to make films that are a bit... left of centre, but this was just a mess. Trying to cram every genre into the film and leaning on WTF shock value was a mistake, in this not so humble reviewers opinion. Time would have been better spent building character (when's the Metal Wizard getting his own chat show?). This team has an aesthetic that they're quite adept at bringing to screen, they just need to focus on telling a cool (undoubtedly crass) story!

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